S3Corp. 14th Anniversary.

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July 08, 2021

S3Corp. Celebrated Its 14th Anniversary.

Yesterday, Sunrise Software Solutions Corporation (S3Corp.)-a leading software development company in Vietnam- celebrated the company's 14th anniversary, with all members participating via online channels. It must be a joyful experience and a memorable anniversary celebration. 

S3Corp Trip 2020


Throughout the years, in July, S3Corp. always organizes our company trip with many interested and memorable moments to celebrate a new age. Unfortunately, because of the current complicated epidemic situation, we could not build our trip as usual.


S3Corp 14th AnniversaryAnniversary Online | S3Corp. 

Even though we cannot hold an offline event or organize a company trip due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our CEO, Linh Le, stated that "we would celebrate our 14th anniversary together through online activities. And we would share our joy in this particular event to bring us a new spirit and new energy for the coming years."


Happy 14th Anniversary To S3Corp.

S3Corp 14th Birthday


And it was. The joy was still there while we did it through the online channel with all members present. We shared stories and experiences regarding working from home, played games, and eat lunch together with particular food ordered to our home. Aside from that, our members also received multiple wonderful presents as thanks gifts for their dedication and contribution.


S3Corp Thank You Gift

It must be a joyful experience and a memorable anniversary celebration. Thank you, S3ers, for your participation. What a fantastic way to celebrate our anniversary of the establishment!


The past 14 years must be a long journey. With the success of several projects, S3Corp can assert our brand name as a leading software development company, our values, and services in the market field. Again, thank you for your wholehearted support on our meaningful journey from employees, partners, and customers.


Let's say "Happy Anniversary To S3Corp."