Celebrating International Women's Day 2024 at S3Corp.

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March 11, 2024

Empowering Women at S3Corp: How We Celebrated International Women's Day

We at S3Corp. are proud of the talented and dedicated women who work with us. We honored their priceless contributions on this International Women's Day via several exciting activities that demonstrated creativity, collaboration, and—above all—our sincere gratitude. 

Card Decoration: Spreading Love With Cards

A lovely card decorating activity marked the beginning of Women's Day celebrations on March 5. This particular exercise included 5 teams. Six male colleagues from five key teams at S3Corp. released their creative sides. Their objective? To design wonderful, bespoke cards with heartfelt notes of gratitude for each and every amazing woman at S3Corp.


Card Decor All


It was a lovely showcase of hidden abilities. Teams displayed a wide range of subjects and creative methods, from hilarious pictures to heartfelt words. Every card was a special way to express appreciation and best wishes, certain to make the recipient's day.


Card Decor Activity S3Corp.


Fruit Décor: A Sweet Celebration of Strength

On March 8, a fruit decorating competition brought collaboration and creativity into the spotlight. Our staff members worked in pairs to create gorgeous fruit arrangements in honor of International Women's Day.


8 March


The designs had symbolic meaning in addition to being visually appealing. Teams used patterns and fruits to symbolize concepts like empowerment, development, and the variety of contributions made by women. The creativity and thoughtfulness that went into each design were incredibly inspiring!


8 March Decor


International Women's Day: An Event Full of Appreciation

The morning of March 8th brought with it the high moment of our events for International Women's Day. There was a special gathering for all the great women of S3Corp on the ground floor of the building. The room was filled with happiness, gratitude, and admiration for each woman. Each one got a present from the firm in addition to one of the exquisite cards made by their male colleagues.


8 March Celebration


It was a touching moment that reflected the day's spirit. We honored the amazing women who contributed to S3Corp's success, promoted collaboration and innovation, and showed our profound gratitude for all they accomplished.


An unforgettable day

These internal activities perfectly captured the essence of the day: honoring the amazing women who drive our business ahead, encouraging teamwork and innovation, and expressing our sincere thanks for their efforts. 


8 March S3Corp . Celebration All


Women at S3Corp. have made significant contributions to the company's sustained growth. To all women of S3Corp., we are very grateful for all you have done to establish S3Corp. as a top provider of software development services in both the Vietnam and international markets. Again, happy international women's day!