S3Corp. Firefighting and Rescue Practice 2020

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October 24, 2020

Firefighting and Rescue Practice At S3Corp

Last Friday (October 23rd, 2020), S3Corp. held up the Firefighting and Rescue Practice for preventing the risk of fire and conflagration. This annual activity means to help everyone get ideas of the prevention relating to fire hazards in S3Corp's building, a situation of fire incident was assumed.

S3Corp. On Firefighting and Rescue Practice 2020


Firefighting and Rescue Practice S3Corp

Once the fire happens, the alarming operations will be on and everyone has to leave/run out of the office immediately. Then everyone will gather together at the same place to see who is absent. This can help to make sure no one will be left behind. If any, the firefighting and Rescue team will come to rescue the victim. After that the team will quickly deploy the squad, foam sprayers, and the special sprayers, using sprinklers to organize the fire. 

Firefighting and Rescue Practice 2020 S3Corp

The practice went on with the instruction on how to use the fire-fighting equipment and how to handle the fire spreading, evacuation.

S3Corp’s member has participated in the assumed situation and the practice with urgency and enthusiasm. This is a significant activity where everyone gets trained in basic knowledge skills. Here are the survival skills, escaping, prevention of fire, and explosion.