International women's day 2022

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March 09, 2022


International Women's Day is always a memorable day for all women. And for S3Corp., this is an excellent occasion to recognize and appreciate all of our female employees for their dedication and hard work on all of the projects they work on!

Happy International Women’s Day 2022!

Songs themed to women were played in the middle of the morning, making it an even more meaningful day for everyone.


Also in the morning, our Board of Managers delivered lovely gifts and flowers, as well as warm wishes, to each of the female members.


S3Corp Women 's Day Delivering Gifts 2022



Today is a wonderful day for us to appreciate all of the incredible women in our organization for making it a great place to work. You are intelligent, strong, passionate, and compassionate, and we are lucky to have you on our team.


As we celebrate International Women's Day, we would like to recognize the contribution of women to S3Corp. and around the world.


We all know that at S3Corp., women also have been making great contributions to the development of the company. We really appreciate your dedication and what you have performed to help S3Corp. in becoming a top software development company in Vietnam and beyond.


This year, in addition to the regular things, we organized two extraordinary activities to make this memorable celebration more meaningful.


They were S3 Master Chef Competition and S3 Radio Love To Be Loved.


S3 Master Chef Competition

People said that “Cooking is about creating something delicious for someone else.” This competition was all about sharing outstanding recipes and preparing tasty dishes that we could all share and enjoy together on International Women's Day.


In this competition, each team had two members (one male and one female). All equipment was prepared for each team, and everyone worked together to guarantee that there were no interruptions throughout the competition. Each team had one hour to prepare a dish for ten guests at a cost of 500,000 VND.


S3Corp Women 's Day Master Chefs 2022


It was a challenging time for each team. Some people planned their cooking and it went extremely well, while others struggled with the food that needed to be cooked.


However, everyone tried their best to meet the deadline and then get a chance to present and explain more about their dish. A diverse range of cooking styles, as well as delicious foods, were found at the end of the events.


S3Corp Women 's Day Master Chefs Dishes 2022


The BOD and S3 colleagues participated as judges for this competition. They were all impressed by the attractive and delicious dishes.


Aside from that, each team was given the opportunity to be voted on by all of their Facebook friends for being the most favored of the four recipes.


Many thanks to all participants and all who did support the team in any way. Again, congratulations to all teams for finishing the competition and to all of the winning teams on that day.


S3 Radio_Love To Be Loved

In the early afternoon on women’s day, all members of S3Corp. get a chance to listen to S3Radio. This is a radio broadcast intended to offer the warmest wishes to all female employees at S3Corp.


Some male members sent a very specific message for a certain person, while others sent their best wishes to everyone, along with significant music and stories.


Many thanks to everyone who did send the message. We assure you that all girls must be overjoyed and touched by these genuine words.