S3 Charity Activities

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July 10, 2013

S3 Charity Activities

Since 2009, the charity activity in S3 has become a good habit in which many staffs join as permanent members. It should be pointed some of the spotlights we have done for the needy people.

In September 2009, S3 gave the children in Que Huong charity center the necessary things like rice, noodle, milk and some items for children such as towel, groceries…

We continued the charity during the year 2010 by the beginning of  giving gift to children in Tu Hanh Pagoda – Binh Chanh in March 2010. The gift included milk, sugar, rice…

In September 2010, the time of Moon Holiday, the poor children Ta Lai – Dong Nai also received the gift from S3 and Dong Tam charity association. It was such a happy holiday for them as they have full of  gifts as they usually wish. Schoolbags, pens, pencils, notebook as well as rice, noodles… are what they need for a full holiday.
Later, in November 2010, the storm happened in the Middle of Vietnam made all of us feel worry and sympathetic with residents living there. S3 contributed 10 million VND and clothes to them, and sponsor 10 million VND to Minh Tam charity Association.
Finally, in January, the company associated with Dong Tam charity to grant the Tet gifts to the poors in Giong Trom – Ben Tre.
In the coming time, S3Corp will take part in some more charity activities and continue to share the happiness to other needy people, as a part of our value in life: Sharing is happiness.