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We provide a variety of flexible and professional collaboration models to meet your business needs. Simply contact our business team for consultancy and get a free pilot projects. Our well-organized dedicated teams and facilities with proven track records set us a leading Software Service Provider in Vietnam.

  • Offshore Development Center
  • Project Based Model

Project Based Model

From the client’s well defined scope and time frame, S3 Corp. follows that plan and presents a final deliverable on the agreed time. This type of engagement model works best for clearly defined projects without changes in the clients’ requirements and demands. It is also ideally suited for work that is completed at distant locations, such as in an offshore software development center.

S3 Corp.’s proven track records and experience in working with many big names in the IT industry make us a reliable and professional partner to help you develop, maintain and implement the project with the highest quality, consistent manners, and predictable delivery time.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

This is an advisable model to expand your business profits using our extensive development capacity. Our dedicated teams with seasoned knowledge and technical expertise will be your prudent choice to reduce the time to market and help you go beyond the boundary.

Benefits of Offshore Development Center (ODC):

1. Dedicated development team

2. Virtual extension of your engineering team

3. Flexible task assignments based on customer’s needs

4. Stable and scalable resources


Key benefits of ODC collaboration model

At S3 Corp., maintaining and developing a long-term relationship with customers have always been our top priority. Therefore, the ODC model best reflects our business phylosophy, commitment and extensive ability of our teams.

This engagement model contains the following elements:

1. Annual "ODC" contract

2. Teams selected by Customer

3. Adjustable team size

  • Based on customer’s resource requirements

4. Using facilities of the Company

  • Office space for customer’s on-site manager (optional) at no cost
  • Basic HR/Admin/IT infrastructure

5. ODC Manager can be from the company or from the customer

Our Dedicated teams become an essential part in your core business. Everything is in your control while your business gains extensive benefits from the offshore development teams.

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