Training - VIP Career Introduction

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September 10, 2021

S3Corp. Training Activity

At S3Corp., we always prioritize training activities for both hard skills and soft skills. It will help to improve the quality of software developers. Besides that, it will expand their knowledge to stay up with current trends in world technology.

Technical Training Activities

To enhance software developer quality, in the past few months, while working from home, S3Corp. opened and even registered our developers to join multiple courses that mainly train them to improve their technical skills. Beyond that, it will enable S3Corp. to provide high-quality resources and software solutions, and services.


S3Corp Training Activities


Improving English Skills Through the VIP Project

The "Video Introduction Program (VIP)" was designed as part of training activities to establish a model for training soft skills in a fun and beneficial way. By participating, you will be able to:

  • Improving your English presentation skills.
  • Acquiring confidence when speaking in English
  • Gaining a better understanding of how to use and manage your voice.


VIP Project S3Corp


So far, VIP has turned into an intriguing—yet challenging—activity for all S3-ers. Hence, S3Corp. has released the second edition of VIP titled "VIP 2 - Career Introduction" to continue this enjoyable and effective way of improving English. 

Members of S3Corp. will take part in the VIP project by creating a 60-90 second video introducing their careers. It will be a follow-up to the previous version (VIP 1: Self-Introduction). The purpose of VIP2 is to maintain VIP 1 on track, which is mainly to maximize English presentation skills.


Furthermore, it will provide continuous learning and assist employees in improving additional soft skills on their own. Employees will work in small groups with mentors to encourage each other to improve their skills and make a high-quality video. It can promise a fun activity but not less challenging and requires hard-working from each one.

Enjoy and stay productive.