S3Corp-Annual TOEIC Test 2020

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November 06, 2020

S3Corp-Internal Activity-Annual TOEIC Test 2020

Nowadays, English becomes one of the indispensable skills for any developer. The more you know English, the greater your career path is waiting for you. Knowing the importance of English, S3Corp. held up the annual Toeic test 2020.

This is part of our training activity which meant to help our members evaluate and have plans to improve their English skills. Beyond that, it will help us to increase the high-quality software outsourcing services to our clients and partners, especially in the communication field.


On the morning of 5th November 2020, every member of S3Corp. gathered earlier than the other days to prepare for the test. And they all seem to carry this test very seriously.

The TOEIC Test was started at 9.00 a.m with the Listening, Reading, and Writing Session. The speaking part would go on along the following week with Native English Tutors. 

English Test At S3Corp

Some pictures during the test time

As a leading software outsourcing in Vietnam, S3Corp highly encourages our members to study more to improve not only the technical skills but also the soft-skills. Here implies to English skill.


This exam as a part of the training will be one way to evaluate the communication skills in English of our software developers.


As software developers, English skills will be one of the significant skills. And it is a big plus or advantage for a career path. Why? The rapidly changing technology world requires each developer to continuously updating the new features, frameworks, and even the new programming languages. An example of that is the trending programming languages such as Python, Golang, etc. By knowing English, it will help software developers to go ahead and grasp new knowledge.

English Test At S3Corp.

Moreover, fluency in English communication can be an advantage that helps the project to run smoothly without any miscommunication between the clients and development teams.

Hopefully, this examination will help our members to be aware of the important English and have a plan to improve this indispensable skill.