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Content Management System Case Study

Project Development-Content Management System (CMS) Case Study


The customer is a start-up founded in 2016 that focuses on digital solutions for traditional trade supply chain in ASEAN emerging markets. Their solution provides FMCGs a platform to link up with more than five million retailers’ outlets in Southeast Asia alone. They have a presence in Singapore and Vietnam.


Customer requires S3Corp. to develop a Backend system (CMS - Content Management System) to manage the data of FMCGs, distributors, retailer, the orders and a mobile application running on either iOS version or Android version for retailers to view products and make orders.


  • PRODUCT management on platform: The FMCGs can create their products which are grouped under the brands of FMCGs. Besides, their system also define the categories for their categorizing. After creating the products, the FMCGs can assign their brand(s) and products to their distributors accordingly then the retailers of those distributors can see the products on the mobile application on their phones right away.
  • PROMOTION management on platform: The system also allows the FMCGs, distributors to create and schedule their promotion, adverts of products for the selective retailers. When the validity of promotion or adverts becomes active, the system will send NOTIFICATION to the phones of retailers then retailers for quick info.
  • ORDER management on platform: when the retailers make their orders from their phones, the details of orders are tracked on the system separately for each distributor view, the system will also send emails to each and every related distributors about details of orders.
  • The PRODUCT view, PROMOTION view on the mobile app on retailer phone: retailer will see all products distributed by all distributors in their relationship. They can also see all promotion which are reserved for them and see all adverts of new products distributed.
  • The ORDER process on the mobile app on retailer phone: retailer can select to order products distributed by different distributors in one bill. This will save time for retailer.


S3Corp. develops a mobile app using the Ionic framework which supports to build both iOS and Android app with the same code.


With the Ionic framework, a team with one mobile developer, one backend developer and one QA could finish the backend, the mobile app for both Android and iOS in 6 months.

Customer has the same solution in iOS and Android.


Programming Language

  • PHP
  • Ionic


  • Tortoise SVN

Operating System

  • Ubuntu
  • iOS
  • Android

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