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CMS System for Concierge Service

Software Development | CMS System for Concierge Service


The customer is a highly-anticipated next generation of strategically integrated concierge, personal assistance and customer relationship engagement services. Drawing upon the collective strength of their 25-year heritage and forward-thinking ethos, they deliver richly customized concierge and customer relationship engagement services supported by unmatched technology.


Customer requires to create an in-house platform that will allow them to publish and maintain multiple client websites to cater to client's members concierge and self-serve booking needs with fast turnaround time and short time to market for clients, lower maintenance/ongoing cost, and be able to easily leverage past development for new clients and drive continuous improvement on quality of service for current clients.
Main Features:

  • Ability to customize the layout and design of the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Ability to create new website for new client and manage its pages easily using available themes, templates and modules.
  • Ability to change the website layout and configuration of the module instances for the client website, and set a website to published/live
  • Ability to manage admin tool users' roles and client website permissions

For client websites:

  • Allow clients' members to submit concierge requests via the use of online forms
  • Allow clients' members to sign up and log in to manage detailed member preferences stored in customer’s specialized systems (if enabled). Or alternatively, log in using their name and BIN to submit concierge requests.
  • Extensive third party (Google Analytics) tracking - pageviews, unique visitors, user events, etc.

- And many other features: Tier, Multi language, Reports, Logs, etc.


  • Faster time to live for new clients
  • Build once, deploy to many: ability to roll out changes across to multiple client websites with shorter turnaround with the use of a module library
  • Ability to collect and analyze aggregate user interest and behavior data from behavior on digital channels
  • Lower overhead cost for client websites deployed in this manner
  • Maintain a library of reusable themes and modules applicable across multiple markets


Programming Language

  • T-SQL
  • Javascript/Jquery
  • CSS

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • Visual Studio 2015 Pro
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016


  • Redis Cache
  • Bitbucket
  • Redmine
  • JIRA
  • Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Google Analytics

Operating System

  • Windows 7/Vista/8/10

Supported Web Browser

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

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