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Web App And Mobile App Showing Geographical Locations of CCTV’s

Case Study | Web And Mobile App Showing Geographical Locations of CCTV’s


The customer is a leading provider of world-class telecom productivity solutions, driving significant efficiencies. 


Web and mobile app showing geographical locations of CCTV’s with some functions:

  • 24x7 live access to any CCTV video streams, via web at the office or via mobile
  • Historically searching, playing back and downloading any camera for any point in time
  • Searching for cameras using various criteria
  • Augmenting reality allowing simple locating of nearest CCTV’s in the field
  • UAV/Drone can be used as a “roving camera”. Live stream UAV footage via web or phone to keep officers out of line-of-sight to high risk offenders
  • Ability to tag key recordings for future searches by other officers (e.g. particular suspect, type of crime, etc.
  • Option for inclusion of cameras from the public.
  • Integration to 3rd party systems as required
  • Facial recognition, number plate recognition, visual object recognition technologies – analyze past footage, real-time detection of suspects, vehicles, etc


When loading data from database with millions of records including detail information, position marker, etc. We separate map to many small areas with getBounds - returns the bounds to which predictions are biased- function. This helps to load data in the area which we see on map monitor. Map loading speed is faster instead of loading all data.

For loading marker on map, we have "cluster" property. It groups all markers to follow by zoom map. This helps map fresh and markers are showed faster.


Most of the features were enhanced in terms of performance and reliability.
Reduce cost for development and integrating the application into the central system.


Programming Language

  • Map: Google map, Leaflet map, Cesium (map 3D).
  • Frontend: AngularJs
  • Backend: ASP.NET
  • Swagger: Document for API
  • Android native
  • Wowza: Manage streaming video

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Android studio
  • Sublime text


  • Gitlab
  • Jira

Operating System

  • Window
  • Linux

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