Mistyping .Com to.Om can help the virus entering your computer

Virus -computer

All people can know that sometimes when we type the keyboard of the computer too quick and mistype Amazon.co.m or Netflix.xcom or a huge number of other websites addresses. Almost all mistakes have no harm, but the hackers can take the advantages of these mistakes to entering our computer.

Mistyping .Com to .Om can help the virus entering your computer

According to the Bussiness Insider website, a new attack direction is targeting to the user of both the Windows and the Mac Os, to set up the code in the computer when people mistype by accident .com to .om in the address bar of the web browser.

You can try, but we don’t encourage this action. The new direction of attack is realized by the Endgame at first and then it was known as the term “Typosquatting” which was created by the group of the hackers. They bought the domain name that is similar to the domain names of several famous websites, including Netflix, amazon, American Express and Auto trader. Some wrong things that the manufacturers cannot predict are that the user can have mistake during the process of typing.

For example, instead of the traditional tail .com, the harmful web can consist of some mistaken domain names such as .co or the full address with some wrong letters as Amazonc.om.  When the users were directed to the fake websites, they will see a button of downloading the web application development like Flash updater. The aim of this action is to make the user think that it is the time for them to update the Flash to log into the web, and then they click on the download button.

This problem was exposed by a person of the Endgames when he mistyped the domain to www.Netflix.co. Instead of receiving the notification of mistakes the address, and the unavailable domain names, the web is self-directed several times and stops at “Flash updater”.

Endgame confirmed that the code downloaded is Adware Genieo, which is often disguised as the Adobe Flash. After infecting the computer, Genieo will entrench the prey by installing itself as the additional part on the web browser. Endgame also shows that almost all mistyping are .om. This domain name belongs to the country of Oman. Because the companies cannot make a prediction the situation of mistaking the domain name, just a few people can know the existence of Oman.