3 Challenges of hiring in-house software team

Besides the evolution of technology, digital marketing is becoming an important element for the growth of enterprise. It is one of channels of Sale and Marketing department before they launch new product to market. Therefore,  career opportunities for developer also become more. 

In developed countries like US, UK, AU..., the importance of the software department is further enhanced when the products require higher security and exactly in any detail. But the shortage of qualified human resources, cost or labor moving in high tech zones makes many enterprises face many difficulties in the recruitment process. Choosing software outsourcing service becomes one of the best solutions in this situation.

1. Dire talents shortage

The shortage of human resources is considered to be the first element that roadblock to create technology product and speed up delivery time to market. According to the Business Insider report, every year there are about 500 graduates from IT major, while the demand for recruitment is up to 3500 new vacancies.

3-Challenges -of -hiring -in -house -software -team

Facing human shortages, it became a hot sector with easy job search capabilities. There are some camp-boot which attract much attention. But trained not from a specialized primary school in a short time, junior developer graduates with the ability to meet simple projects. The lack of talent in the software industry for initiate technology inventions is still a problem.

2. High cost of hiring in-house software team

Due to technological shortages, talented programmers have more job options. If your business does not have enough reputation, good working conditions and offer the high salary, they will fairly apply for. The result is entrepreneurs are ready to pay high salaries to attract recruits. This also led to software development costs accounting for a large proportion of total operating expenses.

Cost -of -hiring

According to statistics 2015, average US labor costs amount to $ 100,000 per year in the technology industry. Some surveys also show that despite high salary but small scale, firms in developed countries are hardly able to attract talent in software industry.

Meanwhile in some developing countries, with young manpower and cheaper labor, it is becoming the great software destinations. Vietnam software outsourcing, India, and China become the destinations for software outsourcing. With a well-trained and experienced team of software outsourcing, they are able to meet the stringent requirements.

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3. Location

Sillicon -valley

The location is also one of the challenges for enterprises to attract programmers. Besides lacking of genuine talents along with many job opportunities in IT sector, coders graduated from university often move to tech hot-spot and focus on finding job in high tech areas. For instance, in the United States, engineers after graduation often focus on Silicon, known as America's famous technology valley, with big men such as Google, Facebook, MBI.