Google Stepping Into the Medical Field

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CEO of the Verily, Andy Conrad shared that the most important equipment of the medical field is the computer. In the age of the internet, all people in all over the world can take the use of a tool to search for the information of the nearest restaurants, or the best school in the areas as Google. However, the researcher cannot find out the meaningful answer for the medical problems by the same way.

Andy Conard, CEO Verily which was known by the name of the Google life Sciences cooperate with the medical institutes, doctors, the universities, and the organizations that highly appreciate the rights of the patients to aim at creating a new tool to look up the information of the medical.

Conard calls it as the google’s human biological system. Sadly, the information that the scientists need is not easy to find, it is usually situated in the web which is very difficult to access. Conard shared in the conference of the Future of Genomic Medicine.

He shared a huge number of the ways that this tool works; however, he said that it will consist of an integrated library with a wide range of the learning machine technology. It cannot work as wonderful as the human, but it can give the response for the questions.

He confirmed that the group of the Verily who have operated in the office with the area of 50.000 square meters in the south of San Francisco which is adjacent to the head of the Alphabet. The number of the employees is not exposed, but Conrad shared that he will hire about 1.000 employees in the next month.

The medical is quite similar to the art rather than the science. Gathering the information related to the medical fields is a new idea. IBM Watson and other larger web application development company also develop the artificial intelligence technology to serve this field. However, according to Conrad, Verily has the approachable ways to consider the learners as the center. Therefore, the medical is the same as the art instead of the science. Verily is cooperating with other organization to ask for the rights of the patients, parents, and doctor to find out the way of integrating the data which we cannot see in the science newspapers.

Andy -Conrad ,-CEO-Verily

Andy Conrad, CEO Verily

This is not the first breakthrough in the field of people’s health. The main service of the Google health was put an end by the year of 2011 after the failure of appealing the users.

Conrad said that he learned a lot from the past failure. In the fist period of developing the health products, they have many great engineers who enable to work with the rest parts of the world, especially at Google. The most interesting that they mad after is changing all the offices and transform it into the laboratory filled by physicists.

In the future, Conrad revealed that Verily will seek the way to integrate the data from the smartphone into their database. Some devices such as the smartphone, smartwatch, and the health bracelets will be the great providing data sources. Conrad said that in the near future we can take the advantage of the smartphone to identify our health circumstance. People usually wonder about the future of the medical. He thought that the most vital equipment in the medical field is the computer.