Facebook Blocks Ads Blockers on Desktop

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Facebook Blocks Ads Blockers on Desktop

From now, Facebook ads appear for all users, even if the users use any block ads software.

It was stated by Facebook on Tuesday. They said that they would like to improve user experience by increasing their control over the advertisements. 

“Disruptive ads are an industry problem, and the rise of ad blockers is a strong signal that people just don’t want to see them,” Andrew Bosworth, vice president for Facebook’s ads and business platform, said in an interview. “But ad blockers are a really bad solution to that.”

According the survey, almost Facebook user feel unhappy about Facebook ads, that make them uncomfortable and disturbed. That was the reason they use block ads software. But perhaps Facebook found the way to pass the web application development.

Bosworth was right to assume that advertising is an important part of company and facebook ads is one of the best way to reach online customer. Knowing that, but most customer will not happy when being forced to watch advertising.

Source: Internet