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5 Online Privacy Tips From This Expert

January 06, 2016

That old adage just doesn’t ring true in an age where intelligence agencies consider anyone within three “hops” of their surveillance targets fair game for scrutiny. Consider this: The average Facebook user, with just 190 friends, has over five million people in their extended network with just those third-degree connections (friends of friends of friends).

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Google Stepping Into the Medical Field

March 23, 2016

Andy Conard, CEO Verily which was known by the name of the Google life Sciences cooperate with the medical institutes, doctors, the universities, and the organizations that highly appreciate the rights of the patients to aim at creating a new tool to look up the information of the medical.

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Facebook Blocks Ads Blockers on Desktop

August 10, 2016

From now, Facebook ads appear for all users, even if the users use any block ads software. It was stated by Facebook on Tuesday. They said that they would like to improve user experience by increasing their control over the advertisements. 

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