7 ways to recognize your smartphone is attacked

7-ways -to -recognize -your -smartphone -is -attacked

Privacy the smartphone means that you will run the scanning the malware, which can put your phone in danger. However, you cannot be fully aware of what the hackers can cause for your phone.

To help you have a right thinking, we should look at the common risks of the Smartphone security. This article below can help you understand more about what hackers can do with your phone.

Controlling the equipment from a far distance

The vulnerability of the zero-day in the latest version of Chrome for Android was recently discovered that allows the hacker to access and take the right of controlling the original operating system, especially it can occur with all versions of the Android.

Although Google has filled the gap with Chrome, this doesn’t mean that your phone is completely safe, especially with the old version of Android. Because this is a gap passed in the tool of JavaScript V8, which Chrome uses, so you cannot realize the existence of the errors of security.

Eavesdropping the calls

Some devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 EDGE, and Samsung note 4 have a gap recently that can help the hacker can eavesdrop your calls from a far distance. Probably, a million of users can meet this problem, but they don’t know.

The attack using the method of man-in-the-middle allows the hackers to connect the devices with a fake base station. It can intercept phone calls, so the hacker can listen or even record the calls.

Although the device asks the hacker to approach the location with a near range; however, the problem is that you cannot know that you are working with a virtual base station created by the hacker.

Remote monitoring

PlaceRaider is a secret application of the military that has the ability to steal your pictures by using the camera on the smartphone and it can use that image to stimulate you in the virtual 3D space.

Imagine that if a hacker can download the malware on your smartphone, then they use the malicious code to recreate your house to see the valuable properties to steal. It is very difficult to predict.

Smart attack

This problem occurs quite frequently with either the smart home or the internet of things which is popular with families. The system of automation the building is not safe, it asks for protective solutions to avoid threats.

Similar to other devices connected to the internet, the devices of the internet of things has gaps, especially when the smart products or smartphones have a weak connection. For example, if you have a smart house system that is controlled by the smartphone, what can happen when the hacker can enter the remote management? They can open the door, disable the cameras, or even worse, they can take the whole control of your house.

Stealing money

In the year of 2013, a malware appeared. Basically, it is just a malicious scam which can lock your computer and ask for the ransom if you want to continue using. This malicious code was called Scam and this is one of the most terrible software on the internet.

In 2004, the ransomware attacks the Android devices and FBI gave the warning that it is law violations and demanded the fine to avoid being sent to the prison. Many people paid for the fine. It is possible to erase the ransomware, but it is very uncomfortable. The most important thing is to raise the awareness of the ransomware to avoid wasting money.

Identity thief

There are a number of different incidents in terms of the identity thief and the biggest risk is about the NFC technology. Basically, the hacker can attack your smartphone without your identity which can help them to obtain the sensitive data on the device.

If you are worried about stealing the identity, you should focus on the warning about the identity thief and provide information when you think there is unreliable.

Attack from your own device

Sometimes, the hacker doesn’t want the data on your device; they just want to use your phone as a lackey for the illegal purposes. Installing the malicious software can make your smartphone become a zombie.