4 impressive things you can do with the 5G network


Super-fast wireless technology 5G is very promising which is indispensable for lifting up the virtual experience, remote medical procedures and many other applications.

Many people pay more attention to the 5G network because of its special features. 5G promises to gain the fastest speed which is 100 times higher than the normal wireless technologies. Furthermore, it enables to be faster than what the Google Fiber can do with the real connection.

The speed and the incredible sensitivity of 5G will open more new possibilities for the technology in web application development as well as mobile application development. The magical feature of this network made people who attended the Mobile World Exhibition in Barcelona by the year of 2016 felt stunned.

Cristiano Amon, the president of Qualcomm’s chip, said that 5G will bring a new level to the client. It has the ability to connect with all devices. The early deployment will not take place until before 2018 and in the following years, this technology will be more and more popular. Here are the wonderful things that 5G can be done:

1. Game and new experiences

With 5G, you can play games with your friends in the virtual life, pay a visit to the picturesque houses along the beach, although you are staying home and enjoying the dinner with your family members and your relatives. Furthermore, you also can stream the content wirelessly to the virtual reality (VR) devices.

The CEO of Facebook whose name is Mark Zuckerberg said that he hopes that the Vr will be one of the most popular applications of 5G in the future. The data will be transmitted so quickly; therefore, you don’t have to wait for a long time to experience the VR in your devices. Thanks to 5G, the latency has been reduced considerably, so you can play games with another friend on the other side of the earth.

2. Auto driving car

The 5G network can be fast enough to control self-driving cars. These cars can talk to the central management at the point of intersection on the road or communicate with each other. Volker Held, the head of the marketing group for equipment of Nokia’s network, claimed that you should try to imagine that there is no traffic lights on the roads and the cars still move on the road, but it doesn’t cause any accidents. This thing is so amazing and it can help the driver decrease their pressure when driving cars.

Once when all the cars have sensors and cameras, they can records videos in sequence. If an accident happens, you will be able to watch videos from all angles, not just from the car accident, but also from the other cars in that area.

3. Taking care of people’s health from a far distance.

When the technology is backward, everything is very difficult. If people are sick, they have to go to hospitals to see the doctor, make the payment and receive the prescription. This situation may lead to a number of unexpected situations, when you live in a remote area, you cannot take the patients the hospital in time and then their problems are not treated in the right way.

Application-Take -care -health -from -a -far -distance

However, with the 5G network, these cases will become easier. The remote medical examination will be visible, thanks to 5G. Moreover, the reducing of the latency, the doctor can perform a wide range of remote procedures. The operator can install the 5G network to carry out the medical procedures for a person who is sitting in front of the screen on YouTube.

4. Meetings throughout videos.

The CEO of Samsung believes that 5G network can create the most reliable communications. You can chat with your friends from all walks of life and your relatives via Videos with the maximum resolution which makes you feel that you are talking to them directly. In addition, you can practice with a member in your music band although you are in different houses throughout the video.

This may sound very simple; the current networks cannot bring the real feeling like this. In the event of a certain lag, the 5G network still makes it differ from the backward networks. The certain lag can be improved in a short time.

Besides, with the help of 5G, we can find out the information on the Internet after 1 or 2 seconds. And if you want to download all the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy”, you just need to spend about 15 seconds, not too long as the 4G network.

In conclusion, 5G network will create a breakthrough in the modern technology. It can be a concrete foundation to develop other fields. People can take the advantage of this network to make the valuable things. Furthermore, people can save more time by using this network. There will be more applications for the 5G network.