Top Web Application Development needs to look at in 2019

Nowadays, with the changing rapidly of technology, many applications have come up and become indispensable tools for any variety of business such as online shopping, customer services, and so on. The problem is that there are so many applications. So, which one can help you to succeed in this competitive digital world? In this article, it will show you some ideas of the most significant web application development which may render you to achieve your success.

1) Chatbots and AI (Artificial intelligence)

Recently, the term ‘Chatbots’ and ‘AI’ become more and more popular in the digital world. And we can’t reject the effects of those.


For AI (artificial intelligence), it will provide abundant benefits to your business such as improving personalized shopping experiences and marketing, predicting the outcomes basing on the data and so on.  With these benefits, it will play an important and indispensable role in any form of business in the coming years. For Chatbots, it will be a significant tool and useful assistance for commercial enterprise, notably e-commerce. It will assist your customer to order food, clothes, tickets and many other stuff at just one click without any human intervention.

These web application developments will play an important role in the following years. It will not only raise your quality services to your business, but also assist you to achieve your goal and your success in the competitive digital world.

2) Blockchain

Blockchain technology can modify the way we interact with the internet. It has abundant benefits of commercial enterprise such as decentralization, immutability, security and privacy, transparency, reduce transaction costs, customer Centricity and so on. And it can apply to any kind of industries such as agriculture, government, banking, healthcare, training, e-commerce, property, mining, retail, transport and logistics and so on. With these benefits and applications, block chain technology will be a successful future not just for business but also for daily life.

3) e-Commerce network

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Recently, the term ‘e-Commerce’ become more familiar for any businessman. Every single business finds its way to sustain an online store that can bring huge benefits for not only their incomes but also their brand name or their users' experience. It is fast, reliable and convenient. It can attract more new customers and sell their products across the world -Amazon or eBay is the instance. And the way they can sell their products nowadays is more convenient and easier by engaging in the e-Commerce network. It means every single e-Commerce will bring them into the network where they can find and co-operate with each other. For instance, if you want to buy something on eBay, you now can easily check it out and buy it at a small store nearby you. This will create a huge changing in the way of running a line of work. Nevertheless, to do this, they need a platform or web application in which they can connect to each other and bring the revolution in business.

4) AR & VR

AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality), they are new high-tech that any businesses will need for their marketing purpose.    With the immense development in technology, now the customer is more sophisticated. The way every business run marketing also needs to modify. By using AR&VR can bring great benefits for the company such as they can create a rich, immersive and interactive user experience, they can reduce the language barriers, they can not only help the company to increase their brand awareness through social media users but also help the customer with their decisions about buying product.

5) Single-page websites

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Supposing you have a website and you have a lot of information and texts, but then it places on many pages and it has many complex navigations, how do your customers will interact and get important information while they have to scroll around and take the multi-level on your menu? Not many customers spend more than 3 minutes to find all their needs on your website by doing these complex tasks. The answer to it is that you will lose your customer. Nevertheless, by a single-page website, your customers can get all the important information as they need, but they don’t need to jump over again and again on your website. It also means that your site can bring a friendly experience to your user. Besides that, it can give you many benefits. Such as reducing the cost for website designing, web hosting; improving user engagement and interaction, being used to tell your news report. Moreover, it can apply to not only for e-Commerce or laptop users, but also institute a good ideal for mobiles. This will be an easy path for both company and customer in the near future. 

6) Progressive Web Apps

You might wonder what are progressive web apps (PWA). They are web applications, basing on the measure of web technology with the supporting of JavaScript. In some way they are the same with a native mobile app, but it is a website and it can work offline. And working offline will be the advantage point. It will bring to your customer a great experience while they don’t have an internet association. Besides that, it also has many other benefits. It must be the cost of building up the stores, developing it and upholding it. It can help you to redeem your money up to 75% compared to the native mobile apps. It could be the time for loading your page. It will be faster comparing to native mobile apps. Thus, you don’t need to worry about a crash or any other issue of loading page. It must be the weight of PWA. They are light and gentle to use for your user. Moreover, PWA is using its UX. By practicing this one, they can run more smoothly and friendly. With these amazing benefits, it will be the top web application development shortly which can bring outstanding experience to any users. 

7) Selling online

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Nowadays, selling online is not too strange for any of us. There are so many apps with their network nowadays. Such as Facebook, Snapchat. Selling things on these networks are more popular. It will help businesses in reaching more potential clients or target audiences, creating their brand awareness, bringing more connectivity. With these networks, your businesses can move easily. There are hence many companies using this network to sell their products or services. Facebook is one of the examples of selling online.


We just overview some top web application development and its benefits. In some way we can see that it will help the business run easily and increase their brand awareness. And more importantly, it can help them stay connected to their customers and reach their potential customers or targeted audience. 



Source: valuecoders


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