Why Golang is becoming a star?

There are multiple programming languages, with their pros and cons, and each of them has its advocates and opponents. It would take months to discuss which one is better so the most reasonable thing is to choose the one which fits a certain purpose better than the others.

Golang will be perfect for those who want to combine concurrency, safety, and simplicity of the code.

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Good credentials

It is financed by Google. Its creators, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson, are geniuses. They contributed to such influential things as C, B, Unix, JVM, and others.

Golang was created as a future-proof language to meet the challenges of the present and anticipate challenges of the future.


Go has a simple structure and syntax. It is devoid of classes and type inheritance. The language is based on functions, so it is simple and fast to learn.  It’s compiled so it provides faster feedback, shorter time to market, and saves time and money.  It’s simple, so it is more maintainable, and development is faster and cheaper.


It is used for different platforms, including Windows, Linux, Unix and BSD versions and mobile devices ( starting from 2015). In addition, it compiles well on many OS’s.

Open source by nature

It’s incredibly important for a programming language to be open-source to become better, cleaner, and more efficient.

If a code has defects, gophers (that’s how Golang developers are called) will detect and eliminate the problems.

Where to Go from here?

Go may be coming to a crossroads of sorts. The next phase in Go development may well be driven more by the wants and needs of its developer base, with Go’s minders changing the language to better accommodate this audience, rather than just leading by stubborn example. In other words, Go may gain the features that were originally not intended for it, like generics.

Golang’s future as a hack able project is just getting started. But its future as a major language seems assured, certainly in the cloud, where its speed and simplicity make it easy to build scalable infrastructure that can be maintained in the long run.