Nokia is coming back soon with Android-operated smartphone


The Finnish trademark is coming to an end deadline for Microsoft to borrow its trademark. Therefore, it is able to come back to smartphone market just in this year with Android-operated smartphone.

Although mobile phone segment have been sold to Microsoft in 2014 with the price up to seven USD billions, the Finnish's mobile phone trademark is still able to access again the mobile phone market because according to the agreement, Microsoft is only able to use Nokia trademark until the 4th quarter 2016, afterward it has to return to the Finnish company. In fact, the newest Microsoft’s Windows Phone models only use Lumia trademark with elimination of Nokia on their name

The coming back the mobile market of Nokia has been predicted that it will become real soon when recently the information about Nokia’s newest smartphone appear increasingly. Even the technological page Android Authority has just released the pictures of the first Android-operated smartphone model, name A1. This is a middle-class product with a large screen, using Google operating system and Z Launcher interface which Nokia has developed by itself.

However, instead of self-producing in manufacturer as before, Nokia is believed to has cooperated with other software outsourcing service to produce smartphone Android A1, similar the way Apple are doing with iPhone. Earlier, after the acquisition from Microsoft, the Finnish company has cooperated with Foxconn to produce and bring to market the product Tablet Android Nokia N1.