President Obama suggests for Vietnam start-up a simple way reaching to success


In the afternoon of 24th May, President Obama had a meeting with more than 100 entrepreneurs and bussiness in HCM city. After a short speech, Mr. Obama directly talked with three young entreprenuer leaders who representative for young Vietnam entreprenuers. These are: Do Thi Thuy Hang - the vice president on bussiness development and external relations of Seedcom; Le Hoang Uyen Vy - founder of and Khoa Pham - the director of Legal and Corporate at Microsoft Vietnam.

At the meeting, Mr. Obama was in the role of MC to raised up the questions for young entreprenuer leaders. However, the talk was not only in one way, Mr. Obama also received questions and had very interesting answers.

Mr. Obama said that when he was child, he have not ever thought to become American president. “I think there are some people who they had a very clear vision for themselves.  I really didn’t -- I was not as well organized as all of you when I was young.  I think it wasn’t until I was in college that I began to develop a sense of wanting to make a difference.  And even then I did not know exactly how I might do it.”

Talking about start-up, Mr. Obama was optimistic about youth: “I think the Internet has exposed them to a lot more ideas of what they can do.  I believe that many young people recognize that the old system where you find yourself a job and then you work in that same job for 30 or 40 years is less likely to be the path for them because the economy is just changing so quickly.”

He shared the well-known rules in Silicon Valley: “is that if you haven't failed quite a bit then you're probably not a very good entrepreneur because the first idea you have is not always going to work.  And you have to be resilient and be able to learn from your failures as much as your successes.”

Acorrding to Mr. Obama, every business has to think globally.  Even small businesses.  “If you have a good product today, you can reach billions of people if you have a good strategy, you have good marketing, you can handle the logistics. He continued: “If you have an interesting product that is unique and perhaps is very common in Vietnam, but nobody knows about in the United States, oftentimes some of the best ways to start a business is to take something that is very popular in one place but is unknown someplace else and be the first person to sell that product in another country. Thus, he thought: “Part of the education that young people have to have is to understand other cultures and understand other markets.”