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Top Web Application Development needs to look at in 2019

August 22, 2019

Nowadays, with the changing rapidly of technology, many applications have come up and become indispensable tools for any variety of business such as online shopping, customer services, and so on. The problem is that there are so many applications. So, which one can help you to succeed in this competitive digital world? In this article, it will show you some ideas of the most significant web application development which may render you to achieve your success.

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Don’t let testing stop your agility

August 03, 2016

By now, most organizations know the purpose of agile: to build higher-quality software faster. But in order to ensure that quality, businesses have to make sure their testing processes can keep up with this new pace of working. 

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4 Things You Should Know About Platforms

January 06, 2016

Yet eventually, even Jobs had to relent and the App store has become an enormous success. Last year, developers reaped $15 billion on the platform. In fact, third party apps have become so central to the iPhone, it’s hard to imagine it without them. Increasingly, products are becoming platforms.

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What is a "full stack" developer?

August 13, 2018

Have you ever heard the term “full-stack developer”? Existing dilemmas and definitions bring us to ask ourselves whether it is even possible to be one in the environment of Web 2.0.

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Tips For Successful Software Outsourcing

April 04, 2017

In worldwide market there are so many software companies which are more likely to invest in outsourcing. The main reason for outsourcing to become more popular is because of the low cost and quality of software you get from highly experienced professionals. 

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3 Challenges of hiring in-house software team

July 28, 2017

Besides the evolution of technology, digital marketing is becoming an important element for the growth of enterprise. It is one of channels of Sale and Marketing department before launching new product to market. Therefore, career opportunities for developer also become more. 

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Top core soft skills for software developers

September 20, 2017

A career in programing requires both technical expertise and soft skills. But do you know what soft skills are that employers are actually seeking today? Which one should focus on mastering and keeps growing to support for your path career?

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Vietnam’s IT Outsourcing Industry Shows Big Potential

February 22, 2017

Vietnam plays a small role in global IT services today, but it has big potential to contribute more in coming years. Many Vietnamese IT companies outsourcing including S3 Corp. and policymakers want to develop the human capital necessary for future success. They face challenges that will require clever solutions.

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Vietnam Offshore solutions provider

August 30, 2017

S3Corp is the right offshore solution provider in Vietnam with over 10 years’ working oversea experience, pool of talents engineers with seasonal knowledge and has completed many successful projects in various industries. 

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3 Technology Trends Driving Modern Workstyles

January 06, 2016

The things that motivate you and drive your productivity may do nothing for your colleagues. And especially given the influx of teleworkers and the rise of geographically dispersed teams, your colleague could just as likely be sitting across the globe as across the office, creating even more workstyle diversity.

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The first store without seller of Sweden

March 03, 2016

With the development of the technology, a grocery store in Sweden that sells necessities without the support of the service personnel has been opened in Viken town, north of Sweden.

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President Obama suggests for Vietnam start-up a simple way reaching to success

June 02, 2016

According to Mr. President, some of the best ways to start a business is to take something that is very popular in one place but is unknown someplace else and be the first person to sell that product in another country. So the education that young people have to have is to understand other cultures and understand other markets.

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Special code training class behind prison walls.

November 09, 2016

In the prison in San Quentin, California state, US, prisoners are banned from using internet and some prisoners have served when smartphone were not released. However, a project is being developed to provide support for the learning code of prisoners and contribute to the information technology revolutions.

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Software lifecycle development process

November 15, 2016

In software development industries, software development/engineering process (SEP) is one of the elements to determine the quality of product at a low-cost. It has a meaningful to build and develop products of software companies in a competitive market.

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Facebook Blocks Ads Blockers on Desktop

August 10, 2016

From now, Facebook ads appear for all users, even if the users use any block ads software. It was stated by Facebook on Tuesday. They said that they would like to improve user experience by increasing their control over the advertisements. 

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Disclosed three colour versions of supper product Galaxy S7

February 17, 2016

Just one week more, Samsung will formally proclaim couple of superior smartphone Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in MWC 2016 event. This is two out of top flagships which the users are looking forward the most in this year. And very recently, 3 color versions of Galaxy S7 smartphone has been disclosed.

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The battle of video 2016: Facebook Vs YouTube

February 22, 2016

According to the latest data of Facebook show that 500 milion people use 100 milion hours per day to watch video on this social network. While Youtube – the leading video-online service is sidestepped announcing exact duration of video watching of users in recent years.

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Apple will be a threat to car manufacturers

March 07, 2016

Whether the Apple will produce a car or not? No one can answer exactly this question; however, Tim Cook, who is the CEO of this brand want to suggest for the fan by some jokes that make people feel curious. A number of manufacturers have to worry about a self-driving car of Apple or Google will dominate the world. 

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Android still exists the unsettled issues

April 04, 2016

With the regardless of the success in the past and in the present, the future of the Android is uncertain. As an open source platform to the android, it has a lot of the variations, so the fragmentation of the ecosystems is unavoidable. This will create a lot of the difficulties in the development of the new applications and build the overall security solution for the Android. 

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Google Stepping Into the Medical Field

March 23, 2016

Andy Conard, CEO Verily which was known by the name of the Google life Sciences cooperate with the medical institutes, doctors, the universities, and the organizations that highly appreciate the rights of the patients to aim at creating a new tool to look up the information of the medical.

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5 Online Privacy Tips From This Expert

January 06, 2016

That old adage just doesn’t ring true in an age where intelligence agencies consider anyone within three “hops” of their surveillance targets fair game for scrutiny. Consider this: The average Facebook user, with just 190 friends, has over five million people in their extended network with just those third-degree connections (friends of friends of friends).

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Mistyping .Com to.Om can help the virus entering your computer

March 21, 2016

All people can know that sometimes when we type the keyboard of the computer too quick and mistype or Netflix.xcom or a huge number of other websites addresses. Almost all mistakes have no harm, but the hackers can take the advantages of these mistakes to entering our computer. 

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