• A modern and international working environment to help you build your job knowledge, skills, and competencies 
    • International experience in large and world class project that allows you to demonstrate the ability to deliver excellent results in different ways
    • A unique working culture where your passion is turned into actions
    • Social activities and outdoor events to connect people and promote team work spirit
    • Accessibility to onsite work and career opportunities to help you go beyond your limit 
    • Competitive rewards, payment, and long-term benefits that are well designed to help you build up your career and develop a healthy lifestyle
    • Regular performance reviews and well-defined training policy to help you bring out the best in yourself and our company
    • Committed to extending education and development programs to associates at all levels of the organization
    • Diverse opportunities and strategies to create a long and successful career at S3 Corp. thanks to our worldwide operations
    • Become part of a dedicated and diverse team where qualities such as caring, sharing, connecting, integrity and excellence are presented
    • Enjoy an environment where ideas are encouraged to flow, support is close at your side and pride in work inspires us to grow
    • Regularly evaluated and updated rewards programs ensure a long term relationship with our staff and their commitment

What Our People Say

  • Anh Nguyen Principal Developer

    "I have been with S3 for a while. It is the human development strategy and benefit package that strengthen my loyalty with the company. This is a great place to develop my career because I have a chance to work with many young and dynamic people from different walks of life."

  • Son Phan Project Manager

    "I have been with S3 for over five years. People are friendly, flexible timing, trainings and chances to travel give me an opportunity to create a good work-life balance. I have learned and gained much experience from the job when working with many customers in many countries. For me, S3 is a smart career choice. Think about it."

  • Hanh Nguyen Project Manager

    "I choose to work at S3 based on the company's reputation for advanced programming skills in a long list of platforms and languages that I can benefit for my career plan and professional knowledge. Here, I have the opportunity to challenge myself in many large scale projects with big names in the IT field."

  • Hue Nguyen Recruitment Officer

    "As a Recruitment Officer at S3 Corp., I have the opportunity to work in a friendly and collaborative environment where there are endless opportunities to professionally grow. S3 Corp. is my first company where I started to build my passionate career as a technical recruiter. S3 Corp. helps me develop my skills by offering training classes, so I never feel "behind the team". Besides, taking part in all the charity events and social activities at S3 Corp. helps me explore myself and gain valuable experience by helping the unlucky."

  • Bien Tran Senior Developer

    "S3 Corp. has given me the opportunity to leverage what I learned in school and apply it to real technical scenarios.  From the first day graduated from university, I chose to work for S3 Corp. in order to expose to a wide range of technologies and enjoy a more diversified experience. What separates S3 Corp. from the rest is it allows you to really create and develop your own career path and pursue your passions, while still providing a fun and supportive atmosphere. "

  • Luan Pham Senior Developer

    "Working as a Senior Developer, the team and I are constantly presented with challenges. I’ve found that with a strong and supportive team beside you, most challenges can be successfully overcome … and that is empowering and inspiring. A lot of experience has been gained from collaborating in large scale projects from world-renowned customers."

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